Comprehensive Online Resource for Overseas Teachers

The Library Fanatic was created especially for overseas teachers who are keen on bringing and sharing their teaching skills to the United Kingdom. Focused on finding overseas teachers jobs in the UK successfully for many years now. It is a comprehensive library of information, professional advice and counselling, and news about the academe in Britain. Its main aim is to serve as a reliable partner for all overseas teachers as they go through the different stages of applying for a teaching post in the UK.

A Professional Online Guidebook

The Library Fanatic is also a professional online guidebook that intends to educate overseas educators about what it is like to be a teacher in the UK. Likewise, it features tips & tricks and suggestions for several issues and situations. It provides a step-by-step guide that can help overseas teachers complete the application process efficiently.

It features a blog that is regularly filled with content relevant to the needs of overseas teachers aiming to start a new professional life in the United Kingdom.

Every Teacher's Best Friend

The Library Fanatic is every teacher's best friend because it stays with you throughout your application journey. Even when there are challenges, it stays with you. In fact, The Library Fanatic even provides training and education programs for overseas teachers, particularly on topics such as the UK teaching laws, restrictions, and education policies. Likewise, The Library Fanatic is the best resource for any teacher wishing to learn more and understand the history, culture, and heritage of a colorful country like the United Kingdom.


Let The Library Fanatic be your partner for your future. Allow us to journey with you as you start a new and better life in the UK. Visit our Contact Page for details on how you can get more details about the fantastic job we can do for you!