Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sonic & Tails Post-It Note Art

My talented daughter has done it again... presenting Sonic the Hedgehog & Tails.  Created completely with Post-it notes!

inside the library

outside in the hallway

aack!  we need more orange post-its!

so important to have a plan!

inside the library - pre-shoes

starting the outline

have to stand on the table to get the post-its in the right place!

Yep, it's pretty easy to see she absolutely rocks at this and makes incredible window art!  Thanks Connolly!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Let's Get Busy 100th Episode Blog+Pod Tour

Have you heard the fantastic news?  

My genius pal Matthew Winner just recorded & released the 100th episode of his Let's Get Busy podcast.  

Yes, you heard correctly...100 episodes!  
That's an amazing amount of awesomeness for your auditory orifices!

100 episodes of conversations with authors, illustrators, teacher-librarians, and more!  

Each episode not only makes me smile when I listen  (Matthew's laugh is completely infectious!), they also fill my head with interesting tidbits from amazing people doing even more amazing things.  Authors and illustrators are indeed my rockstars.  Matthew celebrates each and every guest, asking thought provoking questions and eliciting the most interesting conversations.  
(Yes, I've had the honor of being a guest twice on the show but you can skip those episodes and move on to really interesting people!)   

Could I ever pick just one favorite episode?

No way!

With 100 episodes, I've loved way too many to list! 

But I do know if you love children's literature, you're going to love these podcasts.  

If you're not already a listener, get to it!  

If you are a listener, keep listening and spreading the word!

Be sure and visit and/or listen at the links below as we celebrate 100 episodes of  
Let's Get Busy Podcast!

Wed. Nov. 19 - Picturebooking Podcast

Fri, Nov. 21 - Episode 100 with Lauren Castillo
Sat. Nov. 22 - The Library Fanatic
Sun. Nov. 23 - Laurie Ann Thompson
Mon. Nov. 24 - 100 Scope Notes
Wed. Nov. 26 - Writer Side Up
Fri. Nov. 28 - Brain Burps About Books
Sat. Nov. 29 - LGBPodcast via Aimee Winner
Mon. Dec. 1 - A Fuse #8 Production
Tue. Dec 2. - LGBPodcast via Carter Higgins
Wed. Dec. 3 - GreenRow Books blog

Find Matthew practically everywhere! 
(He is The BUSY Librarian!)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

HS Battle of the Books revealed!

This week I unveiled the 10 titles we will be using for this year's Clinton County Battle of the Books.  Teams gathered in the library during activity period to find out what titles had been chosen.

I revealed the titles in a prezi:

Students were super excited when they realized that 8 of the 10 titles were also on the Eliot Rosewater nominee list for 2014-2015.  If they read 5 of the nominated titles, they are invited to a special luncheon in the library at the end of April.

After the titles were revealed, I showed the students that I had also made a Pinterest board that linked to each of the titles on GoodReads.

Follow Sherry's board HS Battle of the Books on Pinterest.

The students received copies of the titles of the books so their team could begin dividing up the books to read and make their battle plans!  Ordinarily I also give each team their set of 10 books, but all of our books haven't yet arrived.  Hopefully books will be in their hands in another week.

Finally, I reminded them that all of the information could also be found right on on library website at:

I'm really looking forward to our local Battle of the Books at the end of February and our Clinton County Battle of the Books at the beginning of March!

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