Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pokemon Post-Its

It's back to school time which means time to make the library extra welcoming and inviting for all of our students.  I've found that post-it-note art is a great attention getter for our library.  Students can't help but notice it when they walk through the hallways and many conversations are had about the art both inside and outside of the library.

During the school year, the questions for me are always what should we make and who's going to create it?   I brainstormed with my daughter and son about what would be cool to put up on the windows and they both agreed something from Pokemon would be fantastic.

My daughter, Connolly, studied several pictures/designs and finally decided on Squirtle.  She helped pick out the colors for the post-it notes and said she could take it from there.

It turned out to be a huge undertaking!  As I was meeting with another teacher, she texted me while working on the window with a picture of just the top of his head.

She explained that the design was going to be rather large...larger than any one character created on our library windows in the past...but she had a plan and thought it would work.

I had no desire to create or change what she had started and said "Go for it!"

So, she did.

She spent a lot of time on the floor putting up post-its where she couldn't see how they looked because of the back of the mounted blinds.  I spent some time in the hallway helping her make sure she was putting them up straight.

(Then there was the search for the dark blue post-its for the outline of Squirtle that ran out the first day... not so easy to find, but we finally did!)

The end result is spectacular!

inside the library

outside the library
I'm so proud of her hard work and for sticking to it even though it wasn't easy.

It may indeed be the very best post-it-note art we've ever had at our library!  Thanks Connolly for all of your hard work -- it looks amazing!  Love you!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#SummerThrowDown Year 3 books read

July has been a busy month of reading!  I set my goal to read 30 books for #summerthrowdown and then challenged Kathy to do the same.  She, in turn, challenged me to only read 10 picture books out of the 30.  I'm happy to say I will definitely make my goal for July. I've already exceeded the allotted number of picture books, but that's okay -- I'll still have read (at least) 20 non-picture books when our challenge ends in 3 days.  

I've kept up with my books on GoodReads, as usual, but didn't keep a visual here like I did last year.

Let's change that now!

YA:  9 books
Tween/Middle Grades:  3 books
Graphic Novels: 6 books
Picture Books:  18 (pictured below)

36 books read as of 7/29/14


I have 2 graphic novels to finish: 

#SummerThrowDown has kept me accountable with my reading this month and has been a blast!  
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