The Library Fanatic is dedicated to helping overseas teachers find a job and adjust to a new life in the United Kingdom. Our services are personalized, so every teacher’s need is met accordingly. We provide the following assistance to overseas teachers:

Professional Advice and Counselling – Requirements Stage

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The United Kingdom has some laws that overseas teachers need to adhere to. For this reason, we provide professional advice and counselling to help make the requirements stage easier and more efficient for you. We will guide you every step of the way.

This is also the part where we work together to determine whether you are qualified to work in the United Kingdom or not. If we find out that you are not, we do not give up. We will help you find ways to make things work out well.

Professional Advice and Counselling – Processing of Application

Once you have submitted and adhered to all the requirements and qualifications, we will carry you through the next step. Again, we will guide you every step of the way as you process your application. While we cannot be where you are, we can offer you advice and counselling, especially when you encounter temporary setbacks as you prepare and complete your application. We will be with you all the way.

Professional Advice and Counselling – Application Submission

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Once your requirements (for work and travel) are complete, we will lead you to the application process. Of course, we won’t do the actual application submission for you. But we can help make everything easier for you. If there are setbacks along the way, we’ll guide you through them and help you correct whatever needs to be fixed. We’ll help you complete whatever needs to be completed.

Professional Advice and Counselling – The Waiting Game

After everything has been submitted, the waiting game will begin. We will continue to stay with you. We will wait with you. We will not leave you.

And in case there are setbacks along the way, we will help you get through it. Our mission is to find a teaching career for you in the United Kingdom, and this is what we will do no matter what.

Other Professional Services:

Instructor Cherri Strickland sits with Alaina Campos, Krissa Clavell and Renee Smith at Watters CDC #2 Tuesday. Strickland used Creative Curriculum techniques to help teach the children about the difference between big and small, using the items on the tray pictured to provide visual examples.

The United Kingdom has a lot of laws for overseas teachers working in their schools. As such, we have deemed it necessary to offer basic UK teaching law education to all our qualified teachers. Likewise, we also provide basic training for teachers who want to gain a better understanding of the United Kingdom, including its culture, heritage, and education history.